Industries Served

Custom Cable Assemblies and Wiring Harnesses

The majority of the work we do at Mountain Technologies is custom. Our cable assemblies and wire harnesses are made-to-order to meet the requirements of specialized OEMs in the following industries:

  • medical industry
  • automotive after-market industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • marine industry
  • computer industry

We procure the necessary tooling, source material and package assemblies and harnesses to OEM specific requirements.

The following are examples of the custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses we’ve produced:

  • blood-resistant, waterproof and autoclavable connectors for the medical electronics industry
  • waterproof, water-resistant, SAE-approved wiring harnesses and cable assemblies for the automotive after-market
  • anti-corrosive wiring harnesses for the marine industry
  • custom adapter cables for the computer industry
  • 60-foot-plus cable assemblies for pipeline flow meters and other instrumentation for the oil and gas industry
  • GPS & Satellite communication antennas