Being a relatively new customer to Mountain Technologies, we have found their service to be very professional, with timely response times and insight into our product production.

Roger, Purchasing Agent
Video monitoring technologies manufacturer

I have been very pleased with the SMA RG316DS cables and I think everyone else in the company agrees they are well built. When people come to me, I just refer them to you.

Cam, Purchaser
Product and solution provider of hardware, software, and services for connected devices and machine-to-machine communications

We have been a customer of Mountain Technologies for almost eight years. The number one reason that Mountain Technologies gets 90% of all of our cable assembly business is their experience in electronics innovation. Once we invent the product we take our ideas to Mountain Tech and say, 'Here's what we need to do. Now what is the best way we can accomplish it at the lowest cost?' We are always impressed by what they come back with.

In addition to their ability to respond to very dynamic time requirements, the other key factor is their quality of workmanship. Mountain Technologies is one vendor we have enough confidence in that we do not have to conduct special in-house quality inspections on their processing.

Bruce, Purchaser
Restaurant POS systems manufacturer

Mountain Technologies gives us excellent service and delivery times. They are a very good supplier.

Casey, Purchasing
Designer and manufacturer of battery chargers, analyzers, rapid-test and monitoring systems

What strikes me about Mountain Technologies is that they continuously provide us with outstanding product quality and absolute delivery times. If they say its going to be there, it is.

Ken, Purchaser
Designer, manufacturer and integration specialist of specialized radio communications systems

We have been a customer of Mountain Technologies for over six years now. During that time, they have consistently provided excellent work and never missed a delivery time they've committed to. The quality of their work has been equally dependable.

Steve, Purchasing Manager
Power measurement and energy monitoring manufacturer

Our production volumes for cables can be somewhat unpredictable. Several times in the past year I have called upon Mountain Technologies to deliver custom cables on extremely short notice and they have managed to do so every time. Not only did they deliver, but the quality and consistency of their work was phenomenal. I keep expecting them to say 'No, we can't deliver in that time frame', or I expect the quality to suffer as a result of the speed of delivery, but neither has happened. They've got a bright team of talented people over there.

Phil, Program Manager
Developer of high-performance, software

Mountain Technologies consistently exceed our expectations for service, quality and on-time delivery.

Paul, Purchaser
Print on demand solutions group